New Hospital Plan

Press Release


November 19, 2021


Cascade Medical Center Begins Planning for New Hospital

At its November 17, 2021 board meeting, the Cascade Medical Center Trustees voted to begin planning a new healthcare campus.  The existing hospital, built in 1974, is out of room, out of date, and can no longer keep up with the growing health care needs of the community.  “This building has served Valley County well for half a century, but it’s too small and out-dated to take us any farther” says George Greenfield, Chairman of the CMC Board of Trustees.  “The communities we serve are growing and our patients deserve a health care facility that meets the current standard of care” commented Medical Director, Dr. Ron Ellsworth. 

CMC serves several thousand local residents and visitors each year.  Its current facility is approximately 12,000 square feet – about half the size needed to care for its patients by today’s standards.  Plans for the new facility call for a 30,000 square foot building.

Over the next few months, the hospital will work on details of the expansion.  Those details will be presented to the public in various forums to obtain more input.  Ultimately voters in the tax district will decide whether or not to support funding the $33 million project.  If approved, the new hospital could be ready in 2025. 

Until we have a new facility, our staff will continue to provide great care for our patients and community at our current Lake Cascade Parkway location.

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