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Cascade Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

“To financially support, promote and encourage the growth of quality health care through supporting the needs of The Cascade Medical Center”

Since 1984 the Foundation has provided funds and reserves to assist CMC in its quest to enhance and expand its services to Valley County residents and visitors.

Each year a fund raising campaign is initiated based on the approved capital expansion plans for the coming year. That campaign includes an appeal to all Hospital District residents and property owners in early summer and a golf tournament in late summer.

This year the Foundation helped fund a new patient monitoring system.  The Spacelab system allows nurses and medical staff to monitor patient heart rhythm and many other vital signs remotely.  This efficiently allows nurses to see how multiple patients are doing at one time, both in the Emergency Room and Inpatient rooms.  When patient vitals go outside predetermined ranges, the system audibly alerts nurses.  This same system also allows our Physical Therapy staff to exercise patients safely if those patients have a history of heart problems or are recovering from a cardiac procedure.  By monitoring PT patient heart rate real time, our therapists can adjust the therapy type and intensity to optimize the value of the therapy tailored to the patient, while minimizing any risk associated with exertion. 

In recent years, the Foundation has also funded a new Ultrasound machine for improved imaging studies, investment in an Electronic Medical Record system, and renovations to the hospital.   

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Cascade Medical Center Foundation, Inc.
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